Chip : Mommy, when I am big, I want to be a daddy

Me: Why, that´s a great idea, being a mommy or a daddy is so much fun.

Chip: So how will I get a baby in my tummy?

Me: Ahh, my dear, you can´t have a baby in your tummy, because you are a boy. But you can find a really nice girl to be the mommy and you can have a baby together.


Chip: You could be the mommy, Mommy….

Me: Oh, that´s so sweet, I´d love to. But think about it, if I am the Mommy of the baby and your Mommy, then the baby would be your brother, wouldn´t it. Not your son.

Chip: Oh. Yeah. So where are we going to find a girl to be the mommy?

Me: Oh sweet, I don´t think we know her yet. But I am sure we will find her.

Chip: Mom, I really want ice cream.

Me: Sure thing, kiddo, one more stop and we are headed to Old MacDonald´s for ice cream.  (because, if you rename a fast food chain after a harmless children´s tune, it sounds so much LESS AWFUL when he mentions it in front of other parents…as a matter of fact, it even lifts some of one´s own guilt…)