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While my preschooler has been pretty eloquent for over six months, our conversations are definitely getting more interesting and more abstract. It is also extremely gratifying to hear how much he actually retains and can explain by himself, most of the time, that is. Then there are those moments I wish he was perhaps a little less attentive. Example:

Yesterday we went to the part with a new friend D and her little boy K who is 2 and a half, a year younger than Chip. At one point Chip and K trot up to us and Chip annouces “I have caca” (yeah, he does a lot of word for word translation back and forth between languages these days).

“OK,” I say “well, let´s find a kleenex and go behind a tree”

“No” he says and jogs off. D looks a bit surprised (she and K are pre-pottytraining) and says, “Wow, are you worried about that?”

“No” I answer, “he´s pretty good and he would never go in his pants…” (so true, C figured out the bathroom over a year ago and unless he has knocked back a liter of juice by himself, never has an accident). 15 minutes go by and eventually Chip and K amble back over.

“Do you still need to go to the bathroom?” D asks Chip

“No….”pauses, looks down at his belly “The caca went back in to the top of my tummy, up and up. When I need to go, it will go down and around and around (swirling hands movements) and then it will get to the bottom of my tummy and come out. But not yet.”

D looks over at me in astonishment and says “how does he know THAT?”
“Well” I pause, “I had this great biology teacher and really like explaining things…”

Yeah, maybe just a little too much…. (love those swirl hands for the small intestines, though, sooo accurate. Never mind that said caca is remaining in his large intestine and not his tummy, the rest is spot on, he´s got the GI tract down and he´s only 3!!!)

Celeste Bergan, Biolgy teacher extraordinaire, as through most of my life, you remain one of my brightest guiding stars. Three cheers for Intro to Bio, Micro and P&A and even mean ole AP Bio… thanks to you I can answer most any question my son could ever ask about the workings of his body!