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Lord, teach me not to snap at my three year old in the morning.

Grant me the grace to accept that orange juice and chocolate milk might just be enough breakfast. That putting shoes on is not his idea of fun and that there will always be a bathroom stop before getting in the car.

Grant me the patience to understand why he finds it so difficult to say hello to his friends and teachers at school and make me take that deep breath and not bite his head off when he is not able to. Show me how to teach him the value of manners, the importance of recognizing the people who work for us and take care of us, and to make our “hellos” a positive moment and not a chore.

Help me make every morning a good morning, not just some of them. Teach me to gain some perspective about how serious it is whether or not we are five minutes late and help me to keep my nerves about traffic or the train crossing to myself.

Make me sing songs and look at things out the window, as we do sometimes, instead of using foul language about the driving skills of busdrivers and still sleepy pedestrians.

Grant me the ability to start my morning without a cup of coffee, or at least not till I get to the office, as some days my beloved expresso machine takes too long to heat up and “we just have to go”.

Above all, Lord, help me remember that the reason we are rushing out the door and half way across the city is so that my son can learn and learn well. It is only when he is smiling, well rested and feeling loved that he can do so.