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7:00 – the alarm sounds, strains of Radio Paraguay from the construction site next door slide through the windows and I roll over.

7:10 – one snooze cycle later I jump out of bed, hit the shower, mix crappy black tee shirt with nice houndtooth pants in hopes that the overall average score of the outfit is nice enough for the office, towel dry hair and make attempt at applying mascara y powder.

7:20 – I am downstairs, dressed and as ready as I´ll ever be. M has dressed Chip, thank goodness and the water for Nicky´s bottle is almost ready. 

7:30 – I spoon bites of yogurt/banana/cereal mush into Chip´s mouth as he rides by on his NEW birthday bike in my DINING ROOM. Something is not right with this picture, handbars leave a rubber mark on the wall and I wipe it off with a sponge before M sees it and freaks out.

7:40 – run upstairs to grab jackets, dash back down, try to explain to a crying Chip how the bike can NOT come to school (where would he park it? is the line of logic I am choosing), debate turning on the coffee maker, decide it´s too late, push C towards garage slowly but surely. Shout goodbye, realize I haven´t really held or kissed baby since I have been up, regret it and keep running.

7:50 – We are in the car, ready to make our 25 minute drive down two major avenues to school. First avenue does not look good, train accident yesterday has a lot of additional cars on the road. 

8:10 – we have gone all of 15 blocks in 15 minutes. We are NEVER going to make it to school on time at this rate. 

8:30 – the bell has rung and we are still 20 blocks away, using a shortcut through the park we pass a transvestite hooker still on the prowl from last night. Grimace and hope I don´t have to explain who that “lady” is….

8:50 – stop by Secretary´s office to get a late note and had C over to a young man who will escort him to class. Jump back in car and fight traffic uphill towards office. 

9:15 – walk into office, sit down, feel like I have run a marathon already and it´s 9 am. Only 15 hours to go………………………..