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So much has happened since I was last here, so it´s hard to know where to begin. We´ll start with the picture above! Nicky was born early December of last year and has proven to be the most peaceful and lovely of babies. We are truly blessed and are having a great time with him and his big brother Chip who is rarely jealous of his baby brother, thank God! Which brings me to the reason for today´s post.

3 years ago today I became someone´s mother. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Being a mother has not radically altered my life, it has only improved it. And it has not meant walking around like a zombie for any amount of months (or ever for that matter, I sleep and my babies sleep, most of the night, most ever night). It has meant sticky smiles, warm extra bodies in our really big bed, first steps and first coughs, first days of school and first temper tantrums. Bites counted at meals, noses wiped constantly, nasty tumbles, wide eyed wonderment, questions, constant questions and requests and demands. It means feeling needed, all day ever day and not minding. It means wanting to be a better person, so that they will want to be that way too, trying (and failing) not to yell, taking a deep breath, lowering voices, smiling, encouraging (and failing), holding your breath and crossing your fingers secretly behind your back each time they try something new.

And now that Nicky is here, I have a chance to do so many of these things again for the first time. I will admit to being blaisée about my second child, not having slowed down a bit during my pregnancy and hitting the (albeit) summer streets with him as a 5 day old in order to run errands and prepare for the holidays. I am also more lenient about some things. Nicky slept in the middle of our bed EVERY night till he was 5 months old and I set up his crib and booted him to his shared room with Charlie from one day to the next. He hasn´t minded much at all and if he ever wakes up, which is rare, I just stumble in there, pick him up and dump him in bed with me, I´m not going to lie. There are worse things than baby breath in your face at 5 am.

Chip´s birthday party is Saturday and between our move and Nick´s birth, I haven´t really thrown a party other than a massive family Christmas in AGES. So I am going all out here. And no ordinary kiddie party either, we are having an AUSTRALIA themed gig. Complete with sausage  rolls, steak sandwiches, Pavlova and more…. Lasso the kangaroo and Austra-trivia are in the cards as is a special show for the littles ones courtesy of everyone´s favorite Aussie entertainers, HI 5! (I told you I went a little crazy here….) there are flags and kangaroo balloons galore and I do promise not to disappear again and actually post some pictures… Now I just have to prepare my INXS-AC/DC playlist (with a little Olivia Newton John in there for sure, just because….)

So that´s a wrap, I am still here, bumbling along in BA (more about how THAT is going another day when I am feeling less benevolent), grateful for my boys, my husband and home and another nerve-wracking experience hosting 65 people between the ages of 68 – 18 months for 4 hours in my OWN house! Here goes nothing….