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So folks, it looks like we were on the right path at the time of my last post, because two weeks on, I am happy to report that Chip is using the potty like a champ and it has been four or five days since he has had an accident!!! I am impressed, I thought this was going to be month-long drawn out and very messy process but apparently not.

Many of his friends at the “jardin” are going through this now too and it seems they visit the bathroom in groups or pairs (according to C, he goes to the bathroom with Lala a lot, whomever that might be…). He has yet to wet the bed at night and as long as I can convince him to “give it a try the first thing in the morning we are in the clear.

So I breathe a slow long sigh of relief, as my ever-expanding 7 month belly makes it harder and harder for me to reach the floor and I was really NOT looking forward to a month of wiping pee puddles up. With the help of a lovely little book that has been around 31 years (or I was being potty trained, as I prefer to think of it) Chip has got the idea and left his diapers behind. Phew… I was really not looking forward to the cost or the chore of changing two kids at once, looks like I´m not going to have to.

On a lighter note, Chip and lil Ols started practicing for Halloween yesterday (truth be told, it was really just good old fashioned “dressing up”. We received these lovely Halloween costumes from my mother, but since it does not exist as a holiday outside of the US and some attempted marketing gimmicks in other parts of western Europe and perhaps Mexico, we really don´t have Halloween. I have tried, last year I made party games and we all put on costumes but it just ain´t the same thing, folks. I am from the Mid Atlantic region of the US and Halloween is meant to be celebrated with 50º weather, not the high 70´s we will be experiencing here. But I digress, after all this serious potty talk, let me share some pictures of the besties in their lovely animal suits: