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So it seems we have embarked on one of life´s great rights of passage, using the toilet. After a lovely part of August spent in sunny Virginia (and “en bolas” as we say around here aka “in the buff”) Chip seems to have “control of his sphincters,” as my pediatrician calls it, and is therefore ready to start using the training potty/pelela.

After a few false starts and the purchase of a 3 pack of “Cars” underpants, the Chipster refused diapers yesterday and insisted he was ready to go to school in calconcillos (yeah, he won´t say undies for some reason, even though it´s so much shorter). I have realized part of my Mom philosophy is to be enthusiastic and encouraging about every new task/step/activity he proposes, even when I know if might be a disaster, because hey, that´s how you learn, right, plus I would so much rather be the mother to a give-it-a-whirl kid than a scaredy cat, so of course I said, “Sure, what a great idea!” and packed him off to school with two changes of clothes, more undies and diapers just in case.

Apparently at school (day care really, to be fair) all of the potty users in training all truck off to the bathroom together at several different times throughout the day and “give it a try” as it were. And we were informed that two of these visits were successful, shall we say, and that there was one small incident towards the end of the day. So I was optimistic, to say the least.

The remainder of the afternoon, from 3 pm on and at home in the company of Supernanny, was less glowing, I´m afraid to report. Two separate incidents, neither of which came with much warning nor seemed to phase him much and then another accident with Dad before dinner that definitely DID make him cry seemed like an awful lot to me. Plus he just seemed a little down and sensitive about the whole thing.

So I was ready to take two steps forward and one back and slap a diaper on this morning. Which I did. Which lead to my husband telling me not to be such a wimp and stick with it and pull out some calconcillos. Which lead to a very two-year old demand for the ones with cars on them (yes, all three pairs had been soaking pre wash before I went to bed and none of them were dry and ready to be used), which lead to me saying No and shouting about how I´m sorry, but I just don´t have any cars undies to give you, which lead to C´s wails and tears, M somehow stepping in to diffuse the double melt-down and me running off to our room put my shoes on before we are REALLY late for school/work and no one sees me almost start to cry because I don´t have undies ready and waiting when I should and I feel like a whale and I hate running out of the house in the morning.

We manage to load ourselves, the back-pack, the lunch box, the stroller into the car and I sit down, only to blanche and run back into the house, into the bathroom and lose the banana I forced down for breakfast, because, oh yeah, by the way, at 6.5 months of gestation here, I still have morning sickness. Which of course makes me an even lovelier person in the morning.

All of this and we haven´t even left the house yet!!

Needless to say, we need to work on mornings a little. Chip is not the world´s best morning person and while I am chipper, my patience has perhaps not yet reached its full potential.

But back to my original topic here. Potty training, how much do they tell you they are ready, how much prodding and reminders is good and should I just stick with it for a bit or back off and wait? C turned 2 in June, maybe I jumped the gun here…