The New York Times, my favorite periodical has published an article on a that touches on a topic I discussed a few months back, the gender specificity of toys on the market today. Check it out here: 

I especially appreciated the last few lines :

“…Beyond that, adults have to be better role models: Much attention has been spent on attracting women into engineering jobs, not least because of skill shortages. But breaking down the stereotype of the caring female also means making space for the caring male — i.e., the male nursery teacher, the male elderly caregiver and the male midwife.

This could have surprising payoffs for both genders: When a shortage of midwives in France led to a recruitment drive for men, both educational requirements and pay had to be raised to lure them, benefiting the whole of this mostly female profession.

Perhaps blue toy strollers and pink toy screwdriver sets would be a good start? ” 

Indeed! Though as Emily pointed out, there seem to be mini red McClarens available in some places (she´s in New England). Perhaps the UK and Argentina simply have some catching up to do.