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So I had to take a bit of time off from sharing bits of daily life via the blog. It could have been avoided, I could have made more of an effort, no doubt about it. But it´s hard to put aside a major life event and continue to write as if it were not happening (and I, as a writer, was not able to distance myself from this enough to keep my mouth shut). Instead I decided to wait what I felt was a prudent amount of time and now I´m back, to say “I´M PREGNANT!”

Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, baby No. 2 is on the way, touchdown expected the first week of December. In spite of the amazing advances modern medicine has made (did you know on a hig def. fetal scan you can see their FINGERTIPS at just 13 weeks of gestation? crazy times!), I am still a bit superstitious and preferred to wait till we felt chances were good that this little creature was going to make it (don´t scoff, with lots of still unknown biological factors involved in conception, many embryos don´t, even in this day and age) but all signs point to yes, so here we are.

My husband is happy, though as this will be his 3rd he is also convinced this is the end of the line and I am in no mood to argue with him right now. Three months of morning sickness that has still not completely abated (and we are in week 18 here for those ladies in the now) plus the rugrat we already have, plus the major construction project we are currently wrapping up have all conspired to make me shut up, for once.

As for Chip, in as much as I think this slightly abstract concept can penetrate his two year old brain, he seems pretty cool about the whole thing. Babies for him are gender neutral so my plan of waiting till the bitter end to find out if its a girl or a boy should not be problem. Nor does he seem particularly jealous of the whole thing, probably because he has no reason to be. We bought him a “bébé” of his own not long ago. (full disclosure: its not really a baby doll, but rather a stuffed little boy figure with bomber helmet and blue cape from an adorable Spanish kids´show called Poco Yo, also available with British voice-overs). Chip refers to him as his “bébé”, puts him in the stroller sometimes and also likes to create slumber parties for ALL of his “friends” as we call the stuffed animals inside of his awesome tent that was a present from his godfather. He knows there is a baby in my (slight protruding) lower abdomen and has both given it kisses and tried to stand on it, demonstrating a healthy range of emotions about the whole thing that further convince me to leave well enough alone and not push this subject in conversation or otherwise.

So far, so good.

A lot has happened and a lot of great ideas have flashed across my head in the past few months so you can look forward to posts on some of these topics in the near future:

1. Night terrors – WOW was I not ready for this phase of kiddihood! 

2. Bi- lingual (sort of) – how you can speak to my two year old in one language and be answered in another, without a pause or breaking a sweat.

3. Birthday parties – how one can ALMOST blow a really important event only to be saved by the best family of in-laws and flexible friends ever.

4. Morning sickness – what it´s like to pray to the porcelain god every morning, WITH an audience.