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So Chip is at that age where he latches on to one or two key phrases and likes to repeat them ad nauseum. His favorites so far have to do with current physical location, as in “where is Mommy, where is Daddy” even though we might be standing right next to him. And his all time favorite is “Dónde está MM?” This is a tricky one to answer, seeing that MM spends Saturday to Tuesday morning with us each week, so for part of the week the answer might be “At school” or “At hockey” or “At grandma´s” and the remainder of the school week and Friday night with her mother. I believe in honesty with my kids, no use beating around the bush or pretending things are what they aren´t, so I repeat each and every single time its true “MM is at her mother´s house, her mother´s name is K”.

The first time I did this there was confusion. Raised baby eyebrows, WTF are you talking about, Mom, expression confusion.
“Máma” said Chip, touching my chest.
“Yes” I answered, “I am your máma, but K is MM´s máma and that´s why  sometimes MM is at K´s house.”
Blank look and clear baby-brain decision to move on to next topic is what followed next. I let it go, its a hard concept for sure but I figured it was worth a try.

Since then (about a month ago) this has become routine and conversation that repeats itself anywhere between 5 and 15 times a day, which, when you consider exactly how many waking hours I get to spend with my son (about 6) is a hell of a lot!

I understand why he asks though. MM is 10 years older than C and in his eyes, that makes her a goddess. She was the first one to make him laugh, I mean really deep belly laugh, when he was a small baby. I am pretty sure he started walking at  11 months because he wanted to keep up with her. He wants to do most everything she does (she´s a field hockey player and has just joined a league, so its no surprise that Chip´s favorite indoor sport has gone from soccer to ´cockey´ which means hitting any round object with his little mini broom or his grandmother´s cane). This of course includes the computer, where MM spends as much time as she can playing fascinating games that involve dressing pets or racing around a track in pursuit of Bart Simpson. Really thrilling, stimulating stuff. And a source of much frustration for Chip who is not allowed to touch the computer, at all, ever.

She deserves much of the adulation she receives from him, I must say. MM is a good big sister, she´s a good kid all around. She gets down on the floor and plays with C, she lends him stuff and doesn´t start screaming when he makes it into her room and touches/drops/messes up a project she had going. She is not big on babysitting and will take over responsability of C for about 10 minutes max, but that´s OK, he´s not her kid, he´s mine. What I do know is that my little boy is very lucky to have such a great big sis, even if it is only for half of the week.