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So I returned to Buenos Aires yesterday after a ten-day trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco. 6 days in LA for work, which in my case meant sitting in a most beautiful and intimate recording studio in Calabasas drinking wine and correcting the finer nuances of what is going to be an amazing jazz/swing album and fielding office issues from my not so cooperative Blackberry. It was tough!

No, really, it was hard. Hard to be separated from my son and husband every night, hard sharing living space with a close friend, hard feeling that without my responsibilities as a mother and wife, no one would really mind, or care for that matter, if I had three drinks at dinner. I like the stability and the routine of my mommy-life and I missed it. This was compounded by the fact that other than mentioning my name when he was served a tart that I made before leaving, Chip didn´t seem to have much of an opinion on the subject. No tears, no “donde está máma?, no tantrums, nothing. For 10 whole days!! Which I suppose I should be glad of, right? Means he is well-adjusted, well cared for by his dad, who I know is an excellent single parent, hell, he was a single parent to MM half the week when we met 8 years ago, so no doubts there. But some lame little part of my ego would have hoped that he asked about me at least once.

Fortunately, that lame little ego was crushed to death when I arrived at Ezeiza at 8  am on Tuesday and my bestest boys, having dropped off MM at school for her 7:30am start to the day (poor kid!) came to pick me up. Chip spotted me from the car-seat and didn´t seem to register anything until I opened the door and said “hi buddy!” The biggest brightest smile I have ever seen on my son´s face erupted and a breathy “Máma” was heard. Promptly followed by giggles, kicking off feet against the seat (yeah, he was still in a rear-facing car seat till his dad reminded me during my layover in MIA that we could use a new one and thanks to La Presidenta the ones on the market are cheap local or Chinese made brands that do not inspire confidence. Yeah Dadelands Mall Target and the Miami Metrorail system for getting me back to the airport for $2.50 after blowing $50 on the taxi to the mall!)

I of course sat in back next to my boy who proceeded to give me a play- by- play of the last weekend (Ummm, cumple, Santi, Máma, y MM, donde está MM?) and what he was seeing out the window. It seems he is convinced he know speaks in full sentences and while I would love to agree, I don´t know if they count when you can only decipher one word in 10. There was a lot of baby babble in there, but that´s OK. We were together, he was ecstatic, I was too and sometimes real big love transcends even the barriers of unformed language. I knew exactly what he was saying the whole time. And boy did he learn a lot in these past 10 days (all in Spanish of course, but what´s a girl to do, this is going to be an uphill battle for some time to come, I can tell). Colors, names of friends, different types of vehicles passing by (bus, auto, moto, tractor for Mac trucks), the spotting of (invisible to my eye) horses and owls out the window, our car ride had everything. My sunshine was back, the person that makes me a better person every day (giant cliché, sorry folks yet so true), who taps a well of patience in me that I didn´t know I had (and most of my friends and co-workers would tell you doesn´t exist outside of Chip´s presence) was by my side, no worse for wear and clearly not phased by the fact that I disappeared one day and reappeared over a week later.

I have my “media-naranja” as we say here or “better half” to that for that and for the support that he showed me during my trip, which was about 5 days longer than he would have liked.

M, I am so appreciative of the opportunity you gave me and the good grace with which you (eventually, once I was in the air and out of BA) undertook a week alone with our household. I really am a very lucky girl who is married to a responsable, unselfish man who has overcome any machismo his culture might usually imply and is simply a great guy. Gracias, mi amor.