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Fear strikes the hearts of some moms when the pots and pans come out. Not this one! Thank you, A Guardar!

So while we are on the topic of kids singing, I must share my most favorite of Argentine pre-school traditions, the tidy up chant. This delectable bit of singing accompanies every change of activities throughout the course of the school day. Finished playing with the blocks and ready for story-time? Time to sing A Guardar. Enough bouncy balls or baby-dolls? As everyone pitches in to tidy up (that´s how I like to think of it, but as I will mention in Wednesday´s post What Goes On In There, I really have no idea. I assume everyone pitches in based on what I see at home and perhaps the teachers doing all of the picking up but I know everyone sings along to this lovely little ditty, it goes like this:

A guardar, a guardar, (put away, put away)
ada cosa en su lugar (everything back in its place)
Despacito y sin romper (gently and without breaking)
Que mañana hay que volver (because we´ll be back tomorrow).

Chip sings this every single freaking time he is finished playing with something, and often when he wants YOU to be finished with something (like a magazine or the blackberry) and unfortunately when he doesn´t want to give/share something to/with another child (which is rare, but happens). Not only does he sing the whole song religiously, he actually picks things up and even tends to put them in their correct location (the toy-box, the shelf, back in his room) as he sings. Just think of it, ladies, a 20 month old who ACTUALLY TIDYS UP AFTER HIMSELF (ok, like 60 – 75% of the job, but still, I´m happy, it’s better than ZERO).

Put the maté down, buddy, time to tidy up!

i know, I know, it’s a modern miracle, like a self-cleaning toilet. Everyone knows this song and helpful friends, relatives, grandparents, whomever is in the room, tend to chime in and sing along, making tidying up a fun and participatory activity always. What more could you ask for?

So far, this is my favorite Argentinism that has slipped into my child´s upbringing. It doesn´t hurt that he can stumble through 4 lines of a song on his own at this early age either, that´s got to be good for the noggin.

In short, everyone should have a good tidy up song. Now who´s going to write one for my darling hubby?